Indian Baby Name ( Ethnic Indian Names)

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Published: 01st May 2009
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Indian names are very distinct in their spelling and sound. The base of Sanskrit lies in the pronunciation which seems authentic in the various names or qualities described in the scriptures. Of late, parents are seeking unique and enchanting names that are rare, unique and also very meaningful. There are several books on names and usually the family priest suggests an alphabet which the family usually follows as a sign of good omen.

It is also said names confer the quality to the person. It is usually associated with the persona and hence lasts for a long time. The effect of numerology is also looked by many so as to aid the spelling in a lucky manner. Many people undergo a name change or prefer a spelling change by deleting or adding an alphabet. This is a common trend as prosperity and luck facts seem to be highlighted with a numerological suggestion.

Sanatana means Eternal and is associated with Lord Shiva. Many families propitiate their faith to their family God and hence prefer to keep a name after the deity. Shiva, Shivaik, Shivam seems clich├ęd and the variations can be seen in Aniket, Raibat and Soham. More Shiva names for the Indian baby boy can be Varada or Surpita. There are many names of Lord Rama that are uncommon like Parasme, Dante and Shrimate.

Paksha means phase of the moon, Prerit means inspired, Shlok means a verse, Gunnit means one with values, Sahas means valor, Shakti means strength. A names are interesting and also symbolic of a winner as it's the lead alphabet. This trend was seen with 'A' names like Adarsh, Akshat, Amiya, Aloki and Arpit. There are some other ethnic names like Ishan, Jamie, Keyur Mayank, Prayushi, Ashleksha, Dhriti and Palak.

There are names like Kashish, Kapi, Shivanku, Pranav, Praneet, Pravlit and Dwikar that are very Indian and also not common. Other names like Arya, Anya, Keyur, Mekhla, Ritujaa and Kanu are sweet sounding. Laniban and Lavitra are also names of Lord Shiva. Names like Sandhya, Bhavna, Maya, Simran, Gayatri Punita and Priya are still common as they seem sweet and also easy to pronounce.

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