Proverbs to inspire kids

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Published: 22nd September 2008
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Kids are like clay, you can mould them the way you want. Every word you utter and every action you do consciously or subconsciously they imitate. So it is very important to be at your best so your kids pick up all the good habits.

One of the best ways to give your kids a good learning is to teach them proverbs. You can imbue it like a story or give them a storybook with morals. In your daily routine of conversations with your kid, use a few proverbs so that your child picks it up. For instance if your elder child hides a toy of the younger sibling, then suddenly is not able to find his own toy, you can say - as you sow, so shall you reap. If your child asks the meaning of it, sit down and explain it to him or her or leave for him to decipher.

Another few all time proverbs that inspire kids are Slow and steady win the race,
Too many hands spoil the broth, Empty vessels make most noise, Where there's a will there's a way, a burnt child dreads, First come first served, Great talkers are little doers, a penny saved is a penny gained, Charity begins at home, All that glitters is not gold and fire is a good servant and a bad master are a few of the gargantuan store of proverbs.

Encourage your kids to find out meanings of proverbs and imply it in daily life. Hold casual contests at home for the person that knows the most number of proverbs and their meanings. This way you not only imbibe good values in your kids but you also elevate their thinking and help them go through life's ups and downs.

Sometimes education gives us everything but it does not teach us how to face that concrete jungle called life at work. Where competition is fierce, and it takes a person's moral values sometimes to stand up and face the situation. In the long run your kids will thank you for giving the world in terms of proverbs for a better understanding of life and the way it works.

Proverbs have been in history even before Shakespeare but it is he who had brought it to the limelight through his plays and poems that are still known for instance a friend in need is a friend indeed and if you find a good friend hold him with chains of steel. China too shares its steadfast history of proverbs. Chinese proverbs have come to be known all over the world for their profound and true meaning.

So keep reading and give your kids the power of proverbs.

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